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I thought I was a fashionista... until my time at Vogue, reveals Sinead

SHE may have started out working at Vogue but Ireland AM host Sinead Desmond says her high fashion days are far behind her.

"One of my first jobs was in Vogue," the 39-year-old told The Diary. "I thought I was really into fashion, but I realised pretty quickly that I actually wasn't."

She realised the world of designer glad rags wasn't for her when the editorial staff spent three hours discussing handbags.

"I remember being at a meeting and they spent three hours discussing what handbags to use on a shoot and I just sat there thinking, 'Oh God, I want to kill myself'. I realised then that news and features is where I belonged."

The bubbly brunette said that working for the fashion bible had been an incredible experience but one she wouldn't want to repeat.

"I was working with Alexandra Schulman and it was an amazing world to witness and watch but it wasn't for me. Those women weren't eating; they were saving their money for Prada handbags. And I just thought I'd rather have my dinner, thank you very much."

The popular TV anchor went on to say that she thought Irish TV presenters were real sizes. "Women on TV in Ireland are real sizes. We're not a size 6 or a size 8, we're a size 12 or 14. And long may it stay that way."

But despite insisting that looks aren't everything and that she could 'give a jot' about her hair and make-up, Sinead said she would be avoiding TV3's new HD studio like the plague.

"To be honest, I'm a messy, sloppy cow. I always have coffee spilt down my top and jam on my tights. I'd look like a complete tramp in HD. If I were on HD I'd be gone. I'd be off TV."