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I think they'll work it out, says best pal Lisa

KEITH Duffy's wife Lisa has been Yvonne Keating's crutch since her marriage breakdown last week.

A constant stream of friends and family has visited the former model over the past week, but Lisa has been in daily contact.

She was back in Malahide again yesterday to take Yvonne out for coffee, along with two other pals.

Lisa has refused to give up hope on the 12-year marriage, telling reporters that her feeling is that Ronan (33) and Yvonne (36) will work it out.

"I feel it will work out in the end," she said, adding: "I love them both dearly, I am friends of both of them and I feel it will work out in the end, please God.

"I feel that love never dies. I've seen them together as a couple and I've seen them as a family. I know what they have."

Lisa called to the house around noon yesterday and left with Yvonne at 2.30pm. They are understood to have met with other friends for lunch before returning to the plush Keating home in Abington Estate.

Ronan's Boyzone bandmate Keith Duffy also arrived at the house yesterday to show his support. He had his two children in tow when he arrived at 5.45pm.


There has been no sign of the other Boyzone bandmates Shane Lynch and Mikey Graham.

Yvonne's mother Ann Connolly also called to the house yesterday morning and stayed a short while but left shortly before Ronan arrived at 10.45am.

Keating made his own first public comments on the spilt yesterday, simply telling reporters: "I'm stressed to say the least -- you have no idea. I'm exhausted."

However, he has confided in friends that he wants to forget about blonde backing dancer Francine Cornell (26) and get back with Yvonne.

It has also now emerged that Yvonne only discovered the affair when she mistook Ronan's 'offside phone' for her own.

It is believed that she picked up the mobile phone to send a text message, but discovered raunchy texts conversations between Ronan and his dancer mistress.