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I skip black stuff and stick to stew when in town, reveals Fatboy Slim

NORMAN Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, steered clear of the black stuff on his recent trip to Ireland and focused instead on filling up on Irish fare.

THE DJ famously gave up alcohol three years ago when he decided that his habit of drinking a litre of vodka before each set was getting out of hand.

These days when he visits Ireland he prefers to spend his time loading up on coddle and stew.

"My drinking days are well and truly behind me. Now I'm all about the food in Ireland. You have good hearty food and stew. I think there's great cooking here and some great restaurants."

The 49-year-old arrived in Ireland for Arthur's Day last week and was adamant that when it comes to crowds, Irish fans are among the best in the world.

"I'm a big fan of Ireland and the Irish people. When you've had a few drinks you know how to have a good time. The Irish are very friendly and very silly which suits me because silliness and friendliness are my two favourite things in the world."

The DJ said that he becomes a different person when he's on stage. "I revert from this grumpy old middle-aged man to this completely irresponsible hedonistic 17-year-old boy. I feed off the crowd's energy and go back to this strange infantile place."

Asked if there are any stars in particular he would like to perform with, the Praise You DJ said he only had one guy in mind: Al Green.

"I would love to work with Al Green but seeing as I'm a pretty godless individual, I don't think the reverend would want to have anything to do with me," he said.

"But I've worked with Iggy Pop, so I don't know if anyone can top that."