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I really hope we don't get on, says Norah of her new co-host Blathnaid

DRAGONS' Den star Norah Casey says there will be plenty of sparring with her co-host Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh on the Today show.

"I hope we don't get on," Norah told The Diary.

"It would make for extremely boring TV if we just sat there and agreed on everything."

The magazine company boss will be presenting RTE's new afternoon show Today with the fiery redhead every Friday.

Norah said that while she had a lot of respect for Blathnaid, there would undoubtedly be moments of tension.

"We're both strong women with very strong personalities. We have a lot in common -- we're both working mums and we're both opinionated. But there will absolutely be things we don't agree on. We'll have to learn to agree to disagree."

The mum-of-one said that she was looking forward to getting viewers ready for the weekend. "It's great that we're doing the Friday show. It's like the two of us are kicking off the weekend."

Blathnaid has also been psyching herself up for their first day. Apparently the star has been on a no carbs diet in preparation for the new show. Blathnaid left The Afternoon Show in 2009 and is returning to daytime TV, despite having half her colon removed earlier this year.

Norah said that she had the 'utmost respect' for Blathnaid and was looking forward to the show.

"That's the great thing about TV and print -- there's such a mix of subjects. The other week I was at the Ploughing Championships doing unspeakable things to a sheep, I've got my radio show and now I'm doing this magazine style show with Blathnaid -- it's great."