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I quit at Play TV to be with daughter -- Lauren

ASPIRING television star Lauren Bannon has said quitting TV3's controversial game show Play TV was the best thing she ever did as she's now at home with her daughter.

The wannabe starlet (25), who is mum to six-year-old Alex, said the negative publicity about the programme had no part in her decision to leave last month.

Lauren moved to Budapest to film the Telemedia produced series last summer, leaving her daughter with her parents, based in the North.

But the programme became the subject of numerous complaints from viewers, with the broadcasting watchdog last month branding Play TV "misleading and unfair".

Up to 30 complaints from viewers who were charged €1.50 but not connected have been upheld by the Broad-casting Authority of Ireland.

Single mother Lauren said that living so far away from her only child was taking its toll.

"Every time I would go home to visit Alex she would ask me when I'm coming back and it was breaking my heart," she said.

"That was why I left. It had nothing to do with being conned. I don't feel I was conned at all."