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I needed the money - a blushing Colin explains mankini fashion shoot

WOMEN around the world usually fawn over photographs of Colin Farrell but this one get a slightly different reaction.

LOOK out, Borat. The Dubliner, known for his smouldering looks and brooding stare, was left red-faced when US TV Jay Leno unearthed this black and white picture.

And he even had supermodel Naomi Campbell on hand to critique the mankini look.

Colin (36) was shocked when half way through the interview, Leno unveiled the long-lost black and white snap.


"You know Colin was a model as well?" Jay innocently asked 42-year-old Naomi. Colin instantly looked worried and admitted that he "had done a commercial thing once".

He then asked the good- humoured host not to dig out old modelling shots.

But Leno wasn't giving up easily. "We try to find things that our guests have in common," he said.

Then Jay showed Naomi and the audience a picture of Colin posing in a black mankini. Colin stands in front of a wall with one of his slim muscly legs outstretched and his hands on his hips. Colin pouts at the camera and sports some serious 90s-style curtains. The audience loudly cheered as Colin laughed and looked embarrassed.

Given she's one of the world's most famous supermodels, Jay asked Naomi to assess Colin's posing.

"It's a kind of old-fashioned swimsuit," Naomi said referring to the weightlifter-style body suit. "Yes," Colin replied. "It was a retro shoot."

It soon became clear Naomi was less than impressed with Colin's modelling skills.

"The stance is not good Colin," she said. And the Castleknock native agreed. "It's wrong in so many ways we don't have time to discuss it," he laughed. But Naomi wasn't completely scathing and complimented Colin's long limbs. "I love your legs," she said.

Colin shrugged off his embarrassment, telling the audience he was young and strapped for cash.

"I was 17. It was 20 dollars. What are you going to do?"


And Naomi empathised: "You got to make a buck, I hear you."

Farrell said he is worried more revealing modelling shots will eventually come to light. He once had to model a thong and is determined to keep the footage and shots out of circulation.

"I'm not talking boxer shorts. A f***ing thong," he said. "It's not on YouTube thank God," he said.

"If someone finds it, please blackmail me, I'll give you whatever you want."