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I nearly split from my fiery Dubliner, reveals Myleene

TV babe Myleene Klass has revealed how she and her Irish fiance came close to calling it quits on their long-term relationship.

The former Hear'Say beauty has been with the former bouncer for ten years and has been engaged to the Dublin native for five years.

But although she's the big-name star in their relationship, the mum-of-one has explained how he had a "cold feet moment" just before she went into the jungle on I'm a Celebrity...

"He had a wobble. He was like 'What are we going to do now?' We were at a crossroads," she said. "It's a frightening thing to say I'm going to spend my life with this one person but just before I went in, it was 'Well, are we sorted?' But I appreciated his honesty."

Myleene, who has a daughter named Ava with the burly Dub, has also insisted that she and Graham will eventually walk down the aisle together: "We will get married one day. But things are lovely as they are. I think one day we'll be sitting in the Caribbean and someone will walk past and we'll say, 'Can you be a witness?' It'll be spontaneous," she continued.

And she revealed how her other half doesn't hold back when it comes to speaking his mind -- but is quick to forget their squabbles: "He's Irish so he's fiery and he's got this passion but I like that," she said.