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I nearly quit shops revamp TV show as bosses ignored me, says Lisa

CELEBRITY stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick has admitted that she nearly walked out on her new TV3 series.

The glam mother admitted that there was a lot of tears and drama during filming.

Her new three-part series SOS: Save Our Shops will see the fashion guru revamp top stores all over Ireland in a bid to save them from the effects of the recession.

But speaking to the Herald, Lisa admitted that trying to help out business owners was extremely tough, as most of them didn't want to listen to her advice.

The TV star says at one point she felt like quitting the show for good when it all proved to be too much for her.

"There are a lot of tears and drama in the show, it's definitely not smooth sailing.

"It was really difficult going into shops and telling owners that things really needed to change. A lot of the time they didn't want to listen to me and they wanted to do things their own way.

"There was one point where I really just wanted to walk away from the show, no one was listening to me and it all got too much in front of the cameras. I really did get emotionally attached to everyone and I'm a really gushy person, so it was difficult at times."

The programme which has been dubbed as an Irish version of Mary Queen of Shops, will show Irish viewers a completely different side to top fashionista Lisa.

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