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I might marry a woman yet, hints Mooney

RTE broadcaster Derek Mooney has not ruled out marriage but draws the line at having children.

The 43-year-old presenter admits there is no one special in his life at the moment, "but that's not to say that if somebody came along I would run the other direction. Sure I might marry a woman yet".

Mooney, who describes himself as "a bit of a loner" has a very firm view, however, on why a couple should tie the knot.

"You should never marry for love, you should marry for friendship and if you love the person on top of it, well that's fantastic.

"And if you like to have sex with them, that's even better."

In a candid interview with VIP magazine, he says that while marriage might be on the cards, "I wouldn't be able for children. I don't know how any parent does it. I wouldn't have any patience. I get on great with my nephews and nieces, who are all in their 20s now, but I didn't look after them when they were kids".

Mooney, the youngest of five children, and who grew up in the shadow of the RTE mast, said he always loved the limelight and never wanted to do anything except broadcasting.

"Often I'd see Gay Byrne walking around. I just idolised him. I remember as a kid going into the RTE studios and for me it was like going into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I love this job, I always have."

The broadcaster likes to keep his personal life private.

"I go out the odd time at weekends, maybe Friday or Saturday, and I'll go to The Dragon and sometimes bingo at The George. Other than that I go to the gym, the cinema, I travel a lot and apart from that I do nothing."