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I met and liked Kerry, but now I'm so sick of women who sell their lives to make a living

Is Channel 4 really going to do a reality show with Kerry Katona? Are they seriously going to follow the most irritating, irresponsible woman we have ever seen on television? Allegedly so.

Since 2007, Katona has been the subject of three reality shows. From a peak audience of 500,000 for Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love, viewership for Kerry Katona: What's The Problem? slumped to just 19,000. Katona was dropped by MTV in August 2009. A wise decision.

I used to like the girl and interviewed her a couple of times. I found her say-it-like-it-is attitude endearing. But, like Jordan, I am bored of women who sell their lives to make a living. If I hear one more time that she is "setting the record straight", I will delete C4 from my television.

The last time I saw Kerry on television, she was practically dribbling while talking to This Morning hosts Phil and Fern. Even though she denied afterwards that she was drunk or had taken drugs, her performance left no doubt that she should not have been there. It was embarrassing.

I don't ask for much as a viewer -- take my curling addiction. I can be entertained by very little.

But unless Kerry has something valid to offer to me, other than her droning on about her weight loss, or screeching into the camera, I won't be watching.