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I meet rugby hunks in Krystle but I'm too shy to tackle them for date - model Grace

IRELAND's newest catwalk queen has revealed she becomes tongue-tied when it comes to chatting up eligible men.

Grace Fox is one of the capital's most eligible single ladies and comes into contact with some of our hottest sporting heroes through her work as a hostess in Krystle.

But despite meeting a host of stars, Grace admitted that her chances of becoming a WAG are hampered by her nerves.

The 5ft 9in looker told the Herald that despite meeting many hunks in Krystle where she works as a hostess, she had yet to bump into Mr Right. Grace may be confident in front of the camera, but she has admitted that she can be quite shy when meeting a good-looking bachelor.

"Tommy Bowe came into Krystle the other day -- he's so beautiful -- but I was too embarrassed and nervous to chat to him," the stunning Griffith College graduate said.

"I met Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman a couple of weeks ago as well, I was star struck but I still managed to talk to them -- they're such a lovely couple."

The 24-year-old beauty, who is featured in two leading Irish publications this month -- fashion magazine Stellar and bridal bible Confetti -- may have modelled scores of wedding dresses, but she can't see herself walking down the aisle any time soon.

Grace has been signed with Assets model agency for just six months but she's already proven a hit in the fashion industry. She regularly appears on TV3's Morning Ireland and Xpose and has previously posed for luxurious Swiss brand Gant.

"I'm very lucky to be constantly working; some of my friends have left Ireland out of necessity so I'm really glad I can stay here, I don't want to go away," she said.

The blue-eyed beauty attributes her success to her unaffected look.

"I would always make an effort to be natural on a shoot," she revealed.

"I go there without any make-up or anything so that I don't get anything on the clothes.

"Although I admit that when I go out, I love to use fake tan -- I'm addicted to Rockstar Tan these days."

When she is not modelling, the young woman works in Headline, an agency which promotes responsible coverage of mental health and suicide-related issues.

"We make sure that certain topics, such as anorexia, are treated accurately and thoughtfully -- people suffering from these conditions or families who have lived through some of these problems are very vulnerable."

Her work in the media-monitoring organisation has allowed her to appreciate how positive the Irish modelling agency can be in comparison to its foreign counterparts.

"We're very lucky here because agents are very supportive of us, they don't put too much pressure on weight -- girls want to stay in shape for their own benefit, but they don't have to be a particular size."