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I made brides' dreams come true...but I don't want to be one, reveals Pamela

PRESENTER Pamela Flood has revealed that she has no plans to ever get married.

Although she previously hosted RTE's programme Marry Me, helping couples make their dream proposals a reality, the mum-of-one told the Herald she has no desire to walk down the aisle herself.

When asked if she would ever consider getting hitched, the former Off The Rails host, who has been with her partner Ronan Ryan for four years, admitted: "I'm always thrilled for those who do get engaged, but it was never something on my list of priorities -- marriage never buzzed me," Pamela (40) said.

"I was never a particularly girly girl, despite that, people think being in Miss Ireland and on a style show would mean I am -- other things than marriage was more important to me.

"Of course, I relished the thought of meeting someone and spending my life with them though," the blonde personality added.

Pamela also divulged that to herself and her long-term beau, the key to a good relationship and keeping romance alive is taking care of one another, rather than splashing out on anniversaries or Valentine's Day.

"In four years we've never done the anniversary thing -- it's never even occurred to me.

"I couldn't even say the day we first got together, I know we met at a wedding in June sometime, but that's all. Ronan feels exactly the same.

"We don't do anything for Valentine's Day either, it's just extortion for money. In your 20s it's all about being taken out for dinners, but when you're a parent it's waking up and Ronan saying, 'stay in bed, I'll mind the baby' or 'clean the house'. When someone says have a lie in, that's worth a million bouquets of flowers."

The Tallaght native is preparing to mark her son Harrison's first birthday next week.