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I loved being on Fair City... even though people thought I was a bitch

I'VE just wrapped filming on Fair City, so to celebrate I decided to treat the kids and my mum to a relaxing break away in Kenmare, Co Kerry.

The kids were on their mid-term break from school so I thought we should take advantage. It's not often we're all off together and are in a position to go away like that.

There were activities for the kids during the day and myself and my mum went for some nice long lunches, forest walks and spa treatments.

Since we got home on Sunday I've been straight back to work. I caught up with my friend and model agent John Compton to see what's been going on. I'm going to be his best man or woman, whatever you want to call it, at his wedding to his partner Marlon Jimenez this summer. He's having it at the Angler's Rest with 40 or 50 guests.

He's pressuring me at the minute to get writing my speech. I'm really looking forward to it. John's great craic. He's very witty and he's a great friend of mine. I'm delighted for him.

In terms of my own love life (since splitting with husband Mark Dunne last June), to be honest I haven't even had time to think about it or meeting anyone because I've been so busy with work.

I've been straight back into the audition process post-Fair City. My character Ingrid actually left the programme on Sunday as well, although the scenes were filmed a while ago. They've left the door open for her return. Of course I would love to go back if I get the opportunity but I suppose it all depends on the storylines.

I'm going to continue working away on other projects and wait to hear from producers if she's coming back.

If she does, great, if not then the way I look at it is that it was a great experience and another thing to add to the CV.

Fans will probably initially have perceived Ingrid to be a real bitch. but she also had a very vulnerable side to her.

Funnily enough, a few people have recognised me since I joined. I was actually at the Billy Barry stage school for a meeting on Sunday afternoon, as my daughter Katie is a member, and a lady came up to me and asked me if I was in Fair City and congratulated me.


I was a bit taken aback because I was in a pair of trainers and a tracksuit after being at the gym. I think in general women get away with it more than men because if you're not wearing make-up and don't have the hair done like you do when you're in front of the cameras, people aren't really sure if it's you or not.

A friend of mine did tell me a funny story though, where she overheard two ladies in a cafe. They were debating whether it was Yvonne Connolly, Ronan Keating's wife, on Fair City or not. Myself and Yvonne have been getting that as long as we've been in the public eye, as we're both around the same age, models and have the same Connolly surname.

We're not related at all though.

They also discussed what a bitch Ingrid was and said it must come naturally to me playing a bitch, having come from the modelling world.

I just broke my heart laughing when I heard that. I wouldn't take offence. It's funny because that's the general stereotype of all models.

Now that it's all over I've been getting back into a serious training routine.

On Monday I went to my personal trainer and did some boxing, cardio and weights

On Tuesday I ran in the park for 50 minutes and Wednesday it was back to the personal trainer. I had a run yesterday and then today I did some yoga with the trainer. That's my typical training week. It's hard work but it's just part of the job when you're in this line of business, particularly the older you get.

I must say I was very annoyed about how the detox I did before Fair City was blown completely out of proportion.


It was after Christmas and I just wanted to eat a bit healthier, so I did a soup and juices diet. The next thing I knew there were headlines screaming that I was starving myself, which was ridiculous.

Apart from my training this week, I've been quite busy with work. I had a modelling shoot for Libra design. I also had a couple of auditions for different acting roles.

One was for Graham Cantwell's new film, The Callback Queen. He was basically looking for video auditions so I prepared that with my acting agent Tom O'Sullivan.

They're making the film later on this summer and I've put my name in for the support lead role. Ironically, she's actually a casting director.

Terry McMahon's film Charlie Casanova is also about to come out, so I'm wishing them all the best with that. He had actually asked me originally to play the role Leigh Arnold has, but I wasn't in a position to do it at the time.

He's an incredible writer and incredibly talented, so I'd say we'll be hearing a lot more about him. If it makes it big, I'll have no regrets.

The way I see it is that these things all happen for a reason and Fair City came along for me instead.

Hopefully I'll get to work with Terry on something else in the future.