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I love my wedding dress so much I've worn it three times - Caroline

THEY say three times is a charm. And that's certainly the case for former 'Off The Rails' presenter Caroline Morahan.

The presenter turned actress loved her bespoke wedding dress so much that she's already worn it three times. She got hitched in September in a lavish Tuscan wedding to banker Daithi O Caoimh. Caroline (35) wore a spectacular Kathy de Stafford gown when she marched up the aisle at Santa Maria do Provenzano church in medieval Siena.

Despite having a train of more than 35 metres Caroline has donned the beautiful bridal gown several times since.

"I've worn it three times now," Caroline told the Diary. "I wore it on the wedding day and the day after the wedding. We were leaving the hotel and had decided to grab something to eat in this tiny little restaurant with loads of beautiful Tuscan food. And as we made our way to the restaurant, there was this beautiful light and the photographer, said: 'Oh my God, get in to your dress now!'

"We hadn't spent that much time on the wedding day taking photos," Caroline said. "So I stuck the wedding dress back on and we took loads of photos and then we just thought, 'Why don't we go to dinner like this?' So we went to the restaurant in all our finery. They nearly had a heart attack when we arrived.

"I recently threw another party back in LA where everyone had to wear a wedding dress or dress as either a bridesmaid, or a priest, or a cake. We had a dozen brides and I wore my dress again. We were dancing in the street and Hollywood Boulevard didn't know what had hit it."

Caroline and Daithi are both based in Los Angeles; Daithi quit his finance job in Dublin to join Caroline after she moved to pursue an acting career.

While it's "ferociously competitive", Caroline insisted that she is not ready to give up on her Hollywood dream.

"It's completely daunting because over in LA there are opportunities everywhere, but there are 10,000 people touching down in LAX every day with the same goal," Caroline said. "I've been doing film for the most part but I go out for all of it and whatever sticks, sticks."

Caroline has just starred in short film 'I Can't See You', which premiered at the Cork Film Festival.

She said she is a big fan of RTE gangland drama 'Love/Hate' and would love a part in the series.

"I think it's great. I think it's totally realistic, it's almost like a documentary and I think the standard of acting is phenomenal. A part in it would be great but I have no plans to move back to Ireland permanently."