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I love my lady fans, but I'll stay single -- Bressie

SINGER Bressie has revealed he is astonished by some of the advances from the Irish female population since he turned from rugby to music.

But the Mulligar star disappointed women all over the country on the Saturday Night Show when he admitted he is determined to remain single because he is too busy working on music show The Voice.

The former rugby player said he is enjoying his sudden popularity with the opposite sex, even if he is baffled by some of the vocabulary used by his army of fans.

"It's been a very strange few months," he said.

"It's frightening but also very enjoyable. The one thing I find since I have been on Twitter is the Irish females have an amazing vocabulary.

"There are these words I have never heard of. I couldn't believe some of them. I'm very impressed. I don't have much experience of the English ladies' vocabulary but the Irish women are immense.

"It's stuff I don't even understand. I'm afraid to ask anyone 'Do you know what that means? Because I don't.'"

The Midlands judge has won over the female population with his 6ft 6ins rugby fame, film-star looks and old-style charm.

But he said his extraordinary effect on women across Ireland since he shot to fame on The Voice hasn't managed to persuade him to change his single status.


He said: "I am single. I would be a horrible person to go out at the moment. I am commuting and I have three days here and four days in London. I don't have time for myself."

He said he is loving every minute of working with singers on the show, which is attracting weekly audiences of over 700,000.

He said: "The show is very positive and I'm loving every minute of it.

"The music industry is a tough place to be at the moment so anything that can keep you there is good."

He said he is hoping the Irish audience of the Voice won't be swayed by allegiances to the judges or singers from their local area.

"I wanted to make sure something comes from it and whoever wins the show is someone who has a future and is not just thrown in the pop graveyard like how many artists we've seen."

He also insisted that there is no tension between him and Kian Egan despite their differences.

He said: "Me and Kian are very comfortable with each other. He really does his know stuff and has co-managed Westlife.

"Westlife have probably the best two pop male vocalists this country has produced in Shane and Mark.

"They are brilliant and I have a lot of respect for them.

"He went a different avenue than I did and I'm not one of those bitter musicians."