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I love modelling but death threats are really scary, admits sexy Zoe

IT'S been a whirlwind few months for Irish model Zoe Whelan.

She's been romantically linked to international superstar Niall Horan, snapped up by model boss Andrea Roche and is now posing and pouting at photocalls around the city.

But the 19-year-old says while she loves modelling, dealing with a barrage of abuse and death threats from online trolls and 1D fans isn't easy.

"The reaction to modelling has been positive by and large," she told the Herald.

"I love modelling – who wouldn't like getting paid to look good?" she asks.

"A lot of girls have said nice things. But you get nasty and mean comments. I've had a few death threats which is really scary. I just ignore them; I try not to pay them any attention."

The East Wall native says her friends and family have encouraged her to keep her head up.

"My friends and family and everyone around me is very supportive. They have always told me to go for it," she explained.

Zoe hit headlines in March when she attended Niall Horan's elder brother Greg's wedding as his plus one. But the sultry model is keeping schtum when it comes to her relationship status. "It's a secret really," she laughs.

But she says she is a fan of the One Direction pop songs. "I love listening to music. And I do like their songs."

Zoe lives with her mum Shar Alguaidy in Coolock but says she would consider moving to London.

Zoe was talking at the launch of No Nonsense Top Driver smartphone app.