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I love hearing cupla focail and I'll settle in Ireland one day

I am still loved up with my girlfriend Nareesha [McCaffrey, above].

We will be together for six years in March so it's going strong.

She came over to the States while we were on tour so we make it work.

People are still asking me when I am going to pop the question because we are together for so long.

But I always just laugh and say that's a good question.

I am only 24 so we've got plenty of time.

But the future is very positive for us.

I always say that I would like to base myself here for a few months and I will settle here eventually.

I love Ireland, it's my home.

It's such a good feeling when I get on stage, better than anywhere else in the world; it always comes back to you.

It's just different than anywhere else. It's home, isn't it?

When I am away the main things I miss are packets of Tayto crisps and strangely the Irish language.

I haven't heard it anywhere in ages. I wouldn't be a fluent speaker.

I know as much as everyone knows from school but I love hearing the cupla focail.