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I love coming to Dublin for the friendly people... and the coddle, says Myleene

TV BEAUTY Myleene Klass has revealed her secret vice -- a bowl of coddle at a Glasnevin pub.

The presenter now feels that Dublin is her "second home" after marrying Keith Duffy's brother-in-law Graham Quinn.

"I love coming home to Dublin. This morning we were like, 'where are we going to go?' and automatically I wanted to hit the Autobahn pub where my mother-in-law works," she revealed.

"I love it, she gives me extra pavlova, so I like to go there and have that and some coddle. I'm not going to go this time as I have a night feed to go home for, but I love it here. I think the people in general are really happy, really friendly. I've been coming here for 10 years."

Last October, the TV presenter married Finglas-born Graham, a former minder for her band Hear'Say, in a secret ceremony in Norwich.


The bash had just 16 guests including Graham's sister Lisa, who's married to Boyzone's Keith Duffy. Myleene went on to explain how happy she was with their decision to keep their wedding a secret and not sign a magazine deal.

"I didn't feel the need to share it with people I had never met in my life. It is a very private thing. We're 10 years together with two kids.

"We just wanted it to be private and really special. It was so amazing and why would we want to sell that out? We did it for ourselves. My family is not for sale. My family is my family, I know where the line ends where work finishes and family life starts. My wedding was everything I wanted it to be," she added.

And Myleene revealed how her eldest daughter Ava (4) is very much in touch with her Irish roots. "She totally knows because she says things to me like, 'that's three but if you say it in dad's language 'that's tree'. She notices there's a difference," she said.

But the I'm A Celebrity star admits that she's very protective of Ava and her other daughter Hero (8 months).

"I don't know if Eva wants to be famous when she grows up. What if she wants to be an accountant or work for MI5? There are sacrifices and I don't think they're things a four-year-old should be worried about."

In Dublin earlier during the week to launch her first collection of nail wrap sticks, she went on to say how she's very conscious of price, despite her lifestyle.

"For Christmas, Gray and I said we're not getting each other pressies. I know he'll get me shoes anyway but we're really not going to go crazy. We have what we want. I always give him a photo of the girls that I really like so he'll hang it up for me."