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I love being a baddie, admits Fair City's Barry

LIFE as a hardened criminal might not be everybody's ideal scenario but actor Pat Nolan is loving it.

Pat -- who is better know as Barry O'Hanlon from Fair City -- claims he is relishing his new role as the soap's tough guy.

In recent weeks, the star's longtime character Barry has found himself mixed up with resident troublemakers on the Carrigstown soap, the Bishop family.

"I'm enjoying it. It's been great craic going out and about, getting a slagging or whatever," he told the Herald.

Viewers of the long-running drama will also have seen the former school teacher cause the accidental death of Sarah O'Leary, after hitting her with a door in his house last month.

Barry subsequently teamed up with Denzo Bishop to hide the body in an isolated area, with his tangled web of lies escalating day by day as he attempts to cover his tracks.

But according to Pat the reaction from the public has been very positive, with many refusing to believe his character Barry would actually do such a thing.

The small screen star explained how he has been approached with many different theories about the outcome of the storyline, which is due to come to a head in the coming weeks with an explosive cliff-hanger episode.

"I'm in the middle of a big storyline at the moment," Pat said. "It should be good -- we're a bit ahead now at the moment and I can say there's some good stuff coming up.

The actor added: "You've got people believing that Sarah's going to come back or people believing that it was all imagined or it was a dream or a nightmare so I don't know.

"We've had lots of different opinions on it because it's such a big jump shock, you know, for the character, so to speak."

Pat went on to explain how he was delighted to see a new romantic storyline being written for Barry.

The troubled character has recently begun seeing Vivienne Lynch, mother to the tough-talking Bishop brothers Denzo, Zumo and Decco.

And while all is plain sailing for the couple at present, Pat hinted that their relationship may not go the distance.