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'I let myself have one bad thing a day'

I am going to see The Commitments the Musical on Sunday so that will be the highlight of the week.

Because I do two shows on a Saturday, I have to pack my full weekend into the Sunday.

I have seen the film, but never the musical so I am looking forward to that.

It is a classic Irish flick so I expect to be entertained.

This week I got some gym time in during my free mornings. I do yoga, which has kept me sane when work gets quite hectic.

I met friends for lunch a few of the days and then it was off to the theatre in the evenings.

Yoga is one of my favourite things to do to keep fit as well as cycling.

I cycle to the theatre every day so it's like killing two birds with one stone in terms of work and exercise.

I am pretty blessed because I eat whatever I want so maybe it is genetic.

I don't go crazy, but I let myself have one bad thing a day.

But with all the running around that I do, that probably helps as well.