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I just ignore the gangs of cyberbullies, insists Louis

TALENT judge Louis Walsh has revealed how he has to ignore "gangs of cyber bullies" who want to influence his X Factor decisions.

The Mayo music mogul came in for a volley of criticism after the first results show, where he opted to save Rylan Clarke over Carolynne Poole.

Viewers were up in arms after chief producer Richard Holloway was spotted whispering in his ear during the live sing-off, sparking claims he could have been influencing Louis -- which he denies.

But even though he had a Twitter impersonator with more than 100,000 followers, he said that he always avoids social networking sites and just ignores the haters.

"I don't look at Twitter, I don't care about Twitter and it is not me on Twitter. It is easy for people to sit behind a computer and write nasty things," he said.

"I don't know anything about Twitter and I have done all right in my life going on my gut instinct. And if people think for a minute that I am going to be influenced by gangs of cyber bullies, they can think again. I have never even seen Twitter and I won't be going on it."


Of his detractors, he added: "They are faceless people I don't know or care about who are clearly jealous of the job I was hired to do. I couldn't care less. I am here nine years, so I must be doing something right."

As he heads into the third week of live shows, he still has all his bands left -- Union J, District 3 and MK1 -- while rival Gary Barlow has already lost two of his acts. This week sees the contestants performing 'club classics'.

Walsh went on to say it was still anyone's race, even though Ella Henderson was the hot favourite from the off.

Louis has also revealed his fondness for the new addition to the judging panel, Nicole Scherzinger, whom he went to dinner with in London last Sunday.

"I love Nicole; she is absolutely gorgeous. She's also an amazing singer. I can hear her in her dressing room belting out songs," he continued. "Obviously Tulisa is like my bold younger sister. And she is irreverent, great fun and half-Irish: I just love her to bits."