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I just can't wait to get dolled up for one of the best nights of the year

Tomorrow night is the Women of the Year Awards and I am incredibly excited about it, writes Lorraine Keane.

I'm wearing this super sexy red dress by Irish designer and Kerry man Don O'Neill. It's fitted to below the hip and has chiffon at the bottom – it's a sort of fishtail. And very flowy.

I love wearing Irish designers when I'm going to events like this.

And Don's incredibly talented; he has designed dresses for Taylor Swift and Oprah so getting to wear one of his creations is a real thrill.

It's one of my favourite events of the year – that and The Food and Wine Awards. I make sure to head along to both.


I think it's a great night because it's taking note of remarkable women whose work goes by largely unnoticed.

You spend a good part of the night in awe and a good part of the night in tears.

I'll get my hair and make up done in Dylan Bradshaw – myself and Sharon Corr are lucky enough to be the faces of Dylan Bradshaw make-up.

It's really nice getting glammed up. The fun was kind of sucked out of it when I had to do it every day for Xpose but when it's a once-off occasion – it's really nice getting dolled up.

I'm going to the event with one of best friends Deborah Veale.

I've had a fairly hectic week so last weekend I made sure to take things easy. Myself, my husband Peter and our two girls Romy (7) and Emelia (10) went for a walk down to Seapoint.

We stopped off in Clodagh McKenna's restaurant in Blackrock for lunch and had a big roast dinner.

On Monday I was up bright and early to bring the girls to school.

I try to bring them to school and have a sit down family dinner every day with them. My children go to the Lycee Francais in Clonskeagh.

Unfortunately there are no uniforms so that means the girls have to pick out outfits the night before – I've created two little fashion monsters.

I was having a meeting with my agent Noel Kelly and talking about a few projects in the pipeline on Monday.

While I was out I called into Fashion City to check out some of the clothes in Fran & Jane and I met up with some of my old work friends from TV3.

I'm good friends with loads of the ladies out there – Aisling O'Loughlin, Colette and Karen Koster.

On Tuesday I was doing a photo call with Microsoft with my brand new Surface RT Tablet and my Nokia 820 phone.

I only get behind campaigns I really believe in and as a mum my kids safety is a top priority; I like this because I can use 'The Kids Corner' in the Nokia 820 which gives Romy and Emelie access to games, apps, music and videos without giving them access to the rest of the contents on your phone.

On Wednesday I went to get my jabs at the Tropical Medical Bureau. I'm going to the Lebanon for World Vision in two weeks.

It's the great thing about not working full time. I get to spent more time working on the charities I believe in.

It's nice to be able to see and tell people how far their money is going. I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to it; it's going to be an incredibly tough experience but a profoundly rewarding one as well.