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'I hope my spicy plan will speed up new arrival'

TOP model Sarah McGovern is prepared to do anything to speed up the arrival of her bundle of joy.

Mum-to-be Sarah has revealed she is now desperate to shorten the countdown to the birth of her first baby, which is due tomorrow.

"Someone told me that pineapple helps speed up the process, so I've been eating loads of them," she said.

"I've been rocking on my exercise ball to get movement going and drinking raspberry tea, too, which apparently works.

"I was reluctant to try the spicy food thing because I don't like it, but next week I'm definitely going to get my husband to make me curries.

"Ultimately though I guess the baby will come out when it's ready," Sarah (30) told the Herald.

She will be joining a list of new yummy mummies including TV3's Anna Daly, who gave birth to a boy named James earlier this week.

"I'm playing the waiting game at the moment," Sarah said. "I thought I felt movement on Thursday and I was getting cramps, but it went away the following day. Hopefully, the baby will come soon, I'm trying to be patient."

The AR model has finally stopped working and is taking time to relax and prepare.

"Yesterday I met friends for lunch and I went and had a pampering session too. I got my hair and nails done, which definitely makes you feel better when you're at this uncomfortable size," said the blonde beauty.

Model pals Ruth Griffin and Aoife Cogan-- girlfriend of Ireland rugby hero Gordon D'Arcy -- recently threw Sarah a baby shower.

"It was so sweet, they got me loads of presents and had a cake too," she said.

Sarah and hubby Kenny are keeping their baby names a secret.

"It's tricky picking a name, I mean you're shaping someone's life -- we're hoping we'll be inspired when he or she comes out," said Sarah.

"Once everything goes well and it's healthy, we'll be delighted."