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I haven't spoken to Dani since we left Fade Street - Louise

Fade Street co-stars Louise Johnston and Dani Robinson have not spoken since moving out of the flat used for the RTE reality series last month.

Louise (22), from Clonskeagh, and her former housemate, Dani (21), from Wexford, were regularly seen clashing on the show and it appears it wasn't just for the benefit of the cameras.

"Em, I haven't been speaking to Dani, no. I haven't been talking to her over Christmas. I would have been talking to Cici and Vogue," Louise explained when asked about her relationship with her ex-housemate.

"We moved out just before Christmas when we finished filming. I'm back at home now. It's kind of nice to be back at home and keeping it fresh. I don't think the apartment would have lasted through the snow," she laughed.

Louise went on to reveal how she spent a quiet family Christmas at home in Dublin, before going up north to visit some relatives on St Stephen's Day.

The south Dublin reality star was reunited with her friend and co-star Vogue Williams for New Year's Eve, when the Assets beauty hosted a small party at her home in Howth.

And despite talk of a romance between Louise and hunky rugby player Luke Fitzgerald, the blonde beauty is adamant there is no truth to rumours that they are an item after meeting during a recent holiday in Marbella.

"What love life?" she joked when asked about the Leinster player. "Absolutely not, there's nothing to say."

Louise was joined by her friend and co-star Cici Cavanagh in the city centre yesterday when the glamorous pair stepped out to the Arnotts rooftop ice-rink.

The pair turned on the style as they helped to announce the winners of this year's Vodafone World of Difference programme, where 30 lucky individuals get a three-month paid placement in an Irish charity.

The high-profile reality stars are now looking forward to seeing the second series of Fade Street when it make its debut on RTE Two for another six-programme run next Monday night.

And despite their newfound fame, both insist that their lives have changed very little since they found themselves cast into the limelight last year.

"I still go to Krystle and Bucks and those kind of places so it hasn't changed," Louise explained, "although I went to Coppers the other week and it was funny because people were really honest about what they thought of the show, whether they thought it was good or bad, which I thought was great.

"We'd get heckled on the street a little bit but that's only when people are in groups. Generally everyone has been really nice and very positive.

"As the relationships have developed, what happens in the next six episodes is that it's really full hog. We kind of knew what to expect in all the other episodes, 1-6, but now it's full on. I can't even remember half of what happened."