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I have really put my heart into new project - to empower parents

I'M just back from Majorca where I was doing a shoot for an Italian label called Peruzzi.

I've worked for them before as I'm quite sallow and they tend to go for a dark look.

We did the shoot in Palma which was absolutely beautiful.

I was quite surprised because I associated Majorca with mad places like Santa Ponza and Magaluf, whereas the area where we were was just gorgeous.

The clothes were for Spring/Summer 2012 so it was a mixture of dresses and trousers. I spent two days working over there and the weather was perfect, around 23 or 24 degrees so not too hot but really warm.

That was only the second weekend that I've ever spent away from my son James (14 months) and I really missed him.

But he seemed absolutely fine without me, there wasn't a bother on him, I'm not sure he even noticed I wasn't there!

I came back to Dublin on Monday and did some work on a column I write for a newspaper and on Tuesday I had meetings all day about the Parenting Roadshow.

Everything's coming along nicely so we hope to go live with it next spring.

Myself and Sue Grant, a baby care expert who has had 15 years experience in event planning, have now registered ourselves as an official company -- we're called Sueandali Productions.

We mainly spent the day going through various speakers and found someone to talk about breast-feeding for that, so it's all coming along nicely.

On Tuesday I met up with Sonya Lennon for her Dress For Success project.

It's a non-profit project which she has brought to Ireland. It's basically about helping disadvantaged women to get back into the workplace with the help of some experts.

She has an office on Liffey Street so she'll bring them in there, sit them down for a consultation and then prep them in every way about getting back into the workplace.

A lot of times there's a confidence issue over what to wear in an office so she'll help advise them on their wardrobe and generally try to boost them up.

Afterwards we went to the Absolut Mode fashion showcase event in the South Studios to unwind for a little while and then I headed home. I was absolutely wrecked.

There was huge excitement about the Ireland/Estonia game but I'm not a massive soccer fan, I'm more of a rugby girl so I just had an early night instead. It was well needed.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with '4pm design' about the roadshow website and that went really well.

I also had to finish my parenting column for VIP magazine. I love writing that. It probably takes me a bit longer than other people to turn out an article but I'm getting there.

I'm starting to get into the flow of it and find my voice. It also helps that I'm writing about things I'm passionate about.

On Thursday I drove down to Kildare to see an organisation called Sensational Kids who have this state-of-the-art facility and are all about developmental issues.

They help children with everything from mild ADHD to Asperger's Syndrome -- the whole range. They do amazing work so I do want the roadshow to cover that aspect.

They got back to me after the meeting to say they would love to come on board the project so I'm absolutely thrilled about that. They do such brilliant work.


Today I'm going to be doing a shoot with my family, namely my parents and three of my sisters, so that's going to be a lot of fun. We've never all done a photoshoot together.

Then tomorrow it's off to the RDS for the toy show with a few of the girls so I can check out what's new and keep up to date.

For me, my Parenting Roadshow is a really heartfelt project and it's all about empowering parents and giving them the right information on loads of different issues, everything from breast-feeding to fertility problems.

I got so many letters of support after going on the Late Late Show and speaking about my own post-natal depression. People seemed surprised that I had spoken out about a subject that is often taboo.

So now I want to put the message out there that anyone can survive it, you just need to understand what's happening to you and deal with it.

It's a positive parenting message, how to overcome problems that seem like mountains but are more like little hills.

For more information, visit www.alisoncanavan.com.