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I have caved in and gone back to the Twitter world

SO I've decided to give Twitter another go and I've been taking lessons from my daughter. She was saying that I need to tweet really interesting things, not boring stuff about me having a head cold.

I don't have many followers yet so I'd love a follow at 'BlathnaidRua' and I promise to put up lots of juicy tweets.

I'm obviously following all the Today team as well as people like Mark Little, to tell me what's happening in the world and as well as people like Ellen DeGeneres.

She's so funny and grounded and it's hard to believe she works in American TV as most of it is so mental. I'm also following Kim Kardashian obviously because she's gorgeous but I just find their whole empire so hilarious. I reckon herself and Kanye West are totally suited.

I'm really enjoying being back in the whole Twittersphere this week. But ask me next week after the show airs and I might say something totally different.