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I hated watching my girls leave home but being on Housewives helped: Roz

DUBLIN Housewives star Roz Flanagan is suffering from a serious bout of Empty Nest Syndrome.

Three of her four daughters have flown the coop and poor Roz says she is finding it difficult to cope.

"It's just me and my youngest one Moniquea (13) in the house now. The others have all moved out and moved on."

Speaking with The Diary, the socialite said that watching her girls leave their Malahide home was tough. "It's horrible. I hate it," the blonde TV star said.

Watching eldest daughter Stephanie leave the nest was the hardest for Roz.

"I think it was the toughest because she's the oldest and because she was moving to New York. Leaving her in New York was the worst day of my life."

We've all heard of retail therapy but Roz received reality TV therapy.

The Monaghan native said that filming Dublin Housewives helped her through the trauma.

"I was looking for an activity and I was thinking 'what's next for Roz?' when Dublin Housewives came along. It's nice to have a project."