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I hate X Factor... it's fake, reveals Janet's boyfriend

JANET Devlin's boyfriend has accused the X Factor of being a marketing ploy rather than a genuine singing competition.

Brendan Sally (17), who "hates the show", revealed that he does not agree with Simon Cowell's TV series and only watched it for his girlfriend -- who was booted off last night.

"It presents itself as a music show that wants to find musical talent, but I think really all it's about is making money and finding someone they can manufacture and market, nothing else," Brendan told the Herald.

The schoolboy vowed to support his girlfriend of almost one year until the end of the competition, but feels it is not the right way to go about making a career in the business.

"I'm not an X Factor fan, if Janet wasn't in it, I certainly wouldn't be watching it," he said.

Despite Brendan's issues with the series, he stood firmly by his girlfriend and even appeared with her in the video footage of her return to Omagh last week, which was shown on Saturday prior to her performance.

Throughout the series, Brendan reassured Janet (17) about her song choices and the importance of being herself on the show.

"I've always been very anti-X Factor and I've told her my reasons why, so obviously she's able to take that on board and integrate that into how she approaches the whole experience," he said.

The student also admitted to finding his girlfriend's celebrity status as "strange".

"It's pretty surreal and odd but I've had time to get used to it now at this stage.

"Everyone asks about her, it's nice that people are so interested and want to support her, but at the same time it can be annoying."

Brendan travelled to London's ITV studios on Saturday morning with the hopeful's family and watched on from the audience as Gortin local Janet took to the stage to battle for a place in the semi-final.

After being axed from the programme on last night's results show, Janet revealed her intentions to start a band and is looking forward to being able to sing her own songs.

"I'm not interested in covering other people's music," she said.

She may now join forces with her beau Brendan, who is also a musician and has been giving Janet tips on her guitar playing.

The pair, who met at Drumragh Integrated College, are "as strong as ever" according to Brendan.