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I had baby blues, it's a fact of life -- Evanne

RTE sports presenter Evanne Ni Chuilinn has opened up about her battle with post-natal depression after having son Seimi last March.

The bubbly blonde (29) is currently on maternity leave from the station as she gets to grip to becoming a first-time parent, alongside partner Brian.

But she has admitted that like thousands of other new mums, she suffered from some post-natal depression in the wake of having her baby and believes that it's still a "taboo subject" in Ireland.

The Kilkenny native explained how in the days and weeks after bringing her new son home, she was in a "hyper emotional state".

"Of course, I was overjoyed by the arrival of Seimi. But when your body is overflowing with hormones, and you don't quite know how to get a long sleeved vest onto an eight-pound pile of delicate flesh and bone, and said pile is projectile vomiting every second meal, the bubble pops momentarily, and it's okay to get overwhelmed," she said.

"I remember crying for a couple of days, but if you asked me now, I wouldn't be able to tell you why."

She added: "I was supposed to be happy. I was supposed to be buoyed by this incredible journey I, and we, were taking as a family. Sobbing over spilt milk, literally, was not okay. It was not part of the 'happy' bubble we were supposed to be in."

The presenter added how she was particularly taken aback with her brief dose of depression as she wrote in her 'her.ie' column how she has "always been obsessed with babies.

"I have always said I'd love a huge family, and I'd have scoffed at the notion of being depressed or down when you have just been blessed with the thing you wanted in life."

Ms Ni Chuilinn added how more mums need to be encouraged to talk about post-natal depression as it is such a common occurance.

"We need to know that it is okay to have a little sob when we just can't handle another visitor.

"You have been up all night, and not for exciting reasons.

"PND or even a brief dose of the baby blues is a fact of life, and it's ok. Don't support the taboo, live in the moment, allow yourself some tears. We're all in the same boat."