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I got robbed sharing a taxi with stranger, warns Rebecca

A DUBLIN radio presenter has warned about the dangers of sharing taxis with a stranger after she was robbed.

Rebecca Lee (26), who is a presenter and producer on Q102, told how her iPhone was stolen after she agreed to share a taxi home with a man who told her he was travelling in the same direction.

It was only thanks to the efforts of a kindly taxi driver that she managed to get her phone back.

Rebecca told how she had been to a Dublin nightclub at a Heineken Cup afterparty and left at around 3am.

"I couldn't find my friends when heading home in the early hours and so I got a taxi," she said.

"A guy on the street asked me if he could share as he was going to Donnybrook and much to my regret I agreed."

She said that her handbag was next to her, and her phone was on the inside compartment of her bag.

"When the other passenger hopped out at Donnybrook, I quickly realised my iPhone, which has about three thousand contacts on it, was missing," she revealed.


Frantic Rebecca said that she asked the taximan to turn on the lights in the car, but she couldn't find it anywhere.

"I told the taxi driver who luckily managed to track my phone through the phone finder app on his.

"It turns out the guy I was sharing a taxi with had robbed my phone, and so the taxi driver drove back to where he dropped the other passenger off and demanded he give it back to me," said Rebecca.

The man was still walking up the street at that time.

She said: "Thankfully I got my phone back and I am so, so grateful to the taxi driver who helped me."

She said she wouldn't have felt safe enough to confront the man, so if it wasn't for the taximan she wouldn't have got it back.

Rebecca said that she doesn't have the taxi driver's name, but she would love to thank him.

"You would think sharing a taxi would be nothing unusual but I got robbed and will never ever share a taxi again," Rebecca said.

"I think women need to be reminded not just about the dangers of travelling in a taxi alone but sharing one."

"You think nothing of sharing a taxi – you would think you would be safe," she said.

The radio presenter said that she would frequently get taxis.

"It made me question how I get taxis, and safety at night," she said.

Rebecca said that she believes that her story is a lesson that everyone could learn something from.