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I get such a buzz from being on the telly, admits Yvonne


 Yvonne Keating loves being on TV cooking shows

Yvonne Keating loves being on TV cooking shows

Yvonne Keating loves being on TV cooking shows

SUPERMUM turned superstar – it looks like Yvonne Keating can't avoid the limelight.

The mother of three has been bitten by the TV bug since she stepped out of her former husband's shadow and on to our TV screens.

There was RTE's Celebrity MasterChef and several appearances on ITV's This Morning. Once the initial nerves died down, Yvonne – the former wife of Boyzone star Ronan Keating – couldn't get enough.

"They literally had to push me out in front of the TV cameras because I was so nervous at first, but by the time I was finished they had to drag me off," she said. "I loved it and absolutely wanted to do it again."

The former model bagged the prized ITV gig before she began filming MasterChef.

While she found Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier's culinary criticisms hard to take, nothing could have prepared her for the heat in the This Morning kitchen.

"I got the job before I did MasterChef. I was really worried and very nervous and thought that when I finished MasterChef I'd be an absolute dab hand at the kitchen and I'd be well able for This Morning.

"I was still a nervous wreck, and the difference was it was live TV in front of a million people.

"Unlike MasterChef where you had more time, you had five minutes to try and explain and show people how to do your chosen dish.



"I always say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I survived. I can now understand broadcasters talking about that adrenaline rush.

"I was married to Ronan and I was a model, but you take a backseat and someone else takes responsibility.

"Suddenly, when you're pushed out there on your own and the spotlight is on you, it's quite daunting. I part love it, and I'm part not totally comfortable with it."