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I felt right at Home with hunky star Dan, then it was off to see The Wolf

THIS week was a big deal for soap stars – Home and Away and all the Summer Bay regulars are back on our TV screens.

I was chatting with Dan Ewing (below) who plays Heath Braxton in the show. He is super muscly and very popular with the ladies, but he's also an absolute sweetheart.

I've met him once before so this time I decided to quiz him on his knowledge of Ireland, ask him when St Patrick's Day was and he actually did very well.

Working on RTE's TwoTube is pretty intense but really enjoyable.

We have a meeting first thing in the morning and decide what interviews will be used in the show. After the production meeting we start writing our scripts.

In the early afternoon, we head out and do some shooting, we film events, interview people, that sort of thing.

After I finished work I headed home and got into my jammies with a big mug of tea and loads of chocolate biscuits.

The Golden Globes were on and I wanted to check out all the dresses and watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do their thing.

I absolutely loved Lupita Nyong's outfit I thought she looked gorgeous.

On Tuesday I headed straight down to the O2 to interview Union J. I felt really bad because loads of fans were waiting outside in the cold and the rain to catch a glimpse of them.

I chatted to a few of them on my way in and they asked me to tell the boys how much their Irish fans loved them.

On Wednesday a whole load of the TwoTube crowd jumped in a cab after work and went to the premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street in the Savoy cinema.

Getting there was a bit slapdash because the traffic was insane and the cinema was jam-packed.

There were loads of familiar faces there; Karen Koster, Lisa Cannon, Kamal Ibrim – there was a great buzz in the lobby as everyone waited to get some popcorn.

On Thursday I hit the streets to film Style File. Basically it involved me going out onto the streets of Dublin, running up to people I think are dressed really well and asking them all about their outfits.

On Friday I'm meeting up with a fitness coach. He'll be showing me easy ways to stay fit, I don't really work out at all so I hope it isn't too strenuous.

This year my main goal is to get healthy – I want to start eating more vegetables, get more vitamins into me – that sort of thing.