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I felt no guilt about leaving my 7-month-old son and going back to work, reveals Aisling

TV3 star Aisling O'Loughlin has admitted that she felt no guilt about leaving her baby son to return to work.

The presenter, who is now filling in for Sybil Mulcahy while she is on maternity leave, says she is confused by her emotions after returning to TV screens.

The bubbly 32-year-old returned to Ballymount studios last Monday to begin her first shift in over seven months after leaving TV3 to have baby Patrick -- and admits it was actually a relief to get back to normal.


"It's shocking to say it but I thought I would feel terrible separation guilt going back but I didn't at all. Then I felt guilty about not feeling guilty so it was like a whole new form of maternal guilty," she said.

"I'm completely besotted with the little guy but I was off for seven months and I was a bit rudderless by the end of it. The baby needs a routine and mum needs a routine.

"TV3 gave me a choice to either go back to Xpose or fill in for Sybil as it's baby central out here at the moment. It makes more sense to do the Morning Show because it eases me back into work and the hours are better. I love the show too and it's great with my current affairs background.

"Xpose's times can be difficult to manage when you have a baby, especially the London time so I'm taking it one day at a time which is a great place to be. I'll decide what to do when Sybil comes back."


She added: "Having a baby kind of kills your ambition but in many ways it's also a good distraction from the small stuff."

She's now enjoying a life of domestic bliss in Co Wicklow after moving into a rural retreat in Kilruddery with her photographer partner Nicholas MacInnes.

The half-French snapper recently brought Aisling to Paris for her last get-away before heading back to work, where she introduced their new baby to Nick's French relatives.

"I'm meant to speak French but of course I couldn't remember a word of it so it wasn't my brightest moment."