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I don't want to slim down – i love my figure, thOugh i might change my hair

People in LA have told me I could slim down. You're encouraged in a way to get fit and I do like working out anyway but the fact is, I'm a curvy girl.

My mum's Italian so I have curves and a natural figure so I'm going to embrace that.

I look after myself but I don't deprive myself of treats.

I think it's all about moderation and that's the bottom line.

I think once you have a healthy lifestyle and you're working out and you're not starving yourself, you're fine.

It's easy to be tiny in LA.

The lifestyle is so good and the food is so healthy that it's no challenge.

I sit at home with my digestives and a cup of tea and I'm happy out.

It didn't stop me shooting for FHM magazine either which is coming out later this month. So no, I won't change it. In fact, if there's anything I want to change, it's my hair!

I've been brown for too long now and I would change that.

With hair, it's a fun way to express yourself without drastically changing things.