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I couldn't leave -- I'd miss the chips, says top model Vogue

TOP model Vogue Williams says she has no intention of pursuing an international modelling career -- because she doesn't want to have to lose any more weight.

The Assets beauty (24) has become one of our top catwalk queens and has wowed model bosses with her statuesque figure.

But she insists she won't be quitting her lucrative career in Dublin for the bright lights of London -- because she would have to lose more than 20lbs to make it.

The already super-slim beauty says she works hard to stay in shape, but feels there is less pressure for our models to become as skinny as their international counterparts.

"In London now, there's no way I could work there because I'd have to lose about two stone, and I'm being serious, you have to be that skinny," she said.

"And you can't be that happy if you're starving.

"I don't diet, I try and eat as healthily as I can. I love it here, I'm not saying I wouldn't go or if I would or could, but I'm happy here."

She also admits she indulges as much as anyone else, and thinks that's the key to maintaining your weight.


"I'm the sort of person who can't eat everything I want, if I feel like I've put on weight, I'll just go for more runs," she told the Herald.

"None of the girls I know [diet]. Obviously it's not to the point where you'd eat McDonald's every day, it's the same as everyone else -- you eat well and don't deny yourself stuff.

"I generally have one takeaway a week. If I feel like chips, I'll eat them. Especially when I'm hung over, I'll wait for Domino's to open and then I'll have about three takeaways in a day."

The Fade Street star adds that she is still trying to get rid of those unwanted holiday pounds.

"I gained loads of weight over Christmas, which I'm just getting rid of, but you really can't gain that much over such a short period.

"I actually just went and bought loads of tops for the gym, I can't bring myself to go.

"Usually I go a few times a week, but I haven't gone in about four months.

"I go running about four or five times a week and I started skipping recently, I'm averaging about 500 a day, I'm aiming for 1,000."