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I can't listen to Amy's songs about ex - Dad

AMY Winehouse's father says he has a hard time enjoying her breakthrough Back To Black album because the songs are about her ex-husband.

Mitch Winehouse blames Blake Fielder-Civil for leading her into drug abuse, and he details her long decline in a new memoir, Amy, My Daughter. His views on the singer's ex-husband are well known.

Amy, whose Back To Black disc sold more than 20m copies worldwide and won a Grammy Award for album of the year in 2008, died of accidental alcohol poisoning in July 2011, aged 27.

Mr Winehouse, a former taxi driver and aspiring singer, writes in the memoir that it recently occurred to him that one of the biggest-selling albums of the 21st century is all about Fielder-Civil, whom he disparages.

He prefers his daughter's jazzy first album, Frank, which wasn't released outside England until after her later success. In his memoir, due out next week, Mr Winehouse recalls a seemingly endless cycle of attempted recoveries and relapses as Amy battled drugs and alcohol.

He also says that his daughter suffered from stage fright throughout her career. She had breast enlargement surgery more than a year before her death and considered plastic surgery on her nose.

"Long before Amy was an addict, no one could tell her what to do," he writes. "Once she became an addict, her stubbornness just got worse. There were times when she wanted to be clean, but the times when she didn't outnumbered them."

He writes that he could never understand why she was so in love with Fielder-Civil. The book details his numerous run-ins with Fielder-Civil, whom Amy married in 2007. They divorced in 2009.