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I can't face waking up because of my money woes - Anthea

Anthea Turner cannot face waking up in the morning because of the stress of her financial woes, she has revealed.

The one-time TV golden girl -- who turns 50 on Tuesday -- had to sell her £10m estate Barbins Grange last year.

And earlier this year businessman husband Grant Bovey was declared bankrupt after the collapse of his property company Imagine Homes.

She said: "There have been times -- months, in fact -- when I haven't felt a spring in my step.

"Life hasn't been fun and I've felt 'oh God, I don't want to wake up tomorrow, because it is going to bring a whole load more flak'."

Turner, who posed in a swimsuit to mark her milestone in Hello!, said she was not averse to surgery to hold back time.

"The only thing I've had done so far is a boob job, but I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror pulling the skin back on my face and thinking 'ooh, that would look a lot better'," she said. "My eyes are quite wrinkly and I will definitely consider surgery. "

She and Bovey famously left their marriages to be together and spent several years trying unsuccessful IVF treatments, as she suffers from endometriosis which affects fertility.