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I can't believe I'm alive - Roz's shock after collision with lorry

TOP model Roz Purcell is counting her lucky stars after narrowly escaping a terrifying car crash.

The former Miss Universe Ireland was left severely shaken and distraught after being involved in the potentially fatal accident.

The 21-year-old was returning home to her native Tipperary last night when a lorry unexpectedly smashed into the vehicle she was in and dragged her along the motorway.

AR beauty Roz was with a pal driving along the M7 to visit her family in Clonmel and feared for her life when the terrifying incident occurred, just after 7pm.

"I got slammed off the motorway by a lorry. It could have been really serious. The lorry just clipped us and we got dragged underneath for a bit. I cannot believe I'm alive. But we're both okay now. I don't know how, but the car is wrote off and I'm very happy to walk away in one piece," she said.

Roz, who lives in Leeson Street in the city centre, recently spoke to the Herald about her fear of getting behind the wheel in the capital.

The Celebrity Come Dine With Me star admitted that while she knows she has to master the challenge of driving around Dublin's busy roads, she worries about the safety of herself and those around her.

"I learnt to drive down in the country, in a field with fake roundabouts that I put up. The only thing I had to dodge there were horses. It's very different up in Dublin, it's a totally different kettle of fish.

"I started getting driving lessons last month. My biggest fear is that I'll kill someone on the road. It'll be a very scary experience, but I know it's something I need to do."

Local gardai were quick to come to the beauty's aid after the accident and drove Roz and her friend home to the arms of her worried family.