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I can't bear to watch myself on Style Wars -- Peter

STYLE Wars judge Peter O'Brien has revealed he hasn't watched any of the reality fashion series since it kicked off.

The surprisingly shy fashion designer, who is one of the celebrity judges on the hit TV3 show, told the Herald he has been avoiding the show as he can't bear to watch himself on screen.

Speaking about his decision to do the show, Peter revealed: "If I'm being totally honest I haven't looked at it since the first episode.

"I can't bear to watch it. My family all tune in of course, but since I saw the first show at the launch party I just can't watch myself on TV.

"It's another kind of ego or vanity I suppose, as I can't bear to watch a fat, middle-aged man sitting there," he said.

The renowned Irish couturier also admitted that he is extremely uncomfortable as a judge at times.


"I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to do it. It's quite mystifying as I'm an innately private person really.

"I thought it would be fun but I'm not comfortable with upsetting people -- I find it quite distressing.

"They all deserved their place in the show but it's very difficult to know who to put forward because it's a TV programme so in lots of ways the reality is skewed."

Peter, who is frequently named as the favourite member of the judging panel by the show's contestants, insisted the bitchiness among the show's rivals is not a true reflection of life in the fashion industry.

"It's reality TV so it is stage-managed and edited. Fashion is a tough business because it's a business. But the notion that the industry is full of bitchy attitudes is like a comic-book stereotype.

"Top designers are too busy to be bitchy. Sometimes you'll find it's the hangers-on that are the bitchy ones.

"The kids on Style Wars are all young and in competition with each other; it would be dull TV if there wasn't a few clashes."

Peter also brushed off comments by recent evictee Gracie Moore that he should have been the competition's head judge rather than Caprice.

"I'm very honoured and flattered but anything I say about that is going to sound either ingenuine or egotistical.

"But Caprice is better at that kind of thing. I tend to be very measured and that doesn't always make for great TV.

"The only reason I did the show is that I love working with young people. I would have preferred Angela's role as their mentor rather than being a judge actually because I would have liked to be more hands on with them," he added.