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I blame Ronan's other woman, says Katherine

POPULAR comedienne Katherine Lynch has blasted Francine Cornell, the woman alleged to have had an affair with Boyzone singer Ronan Keating.

Katherine claims the blonde dancer (26), who is believed to have had a seven month fling with the married dad-of-three while they were away on tour, should have known better.

The outspoken star of RTE's Single Ladies spoke of her disgust at the lack of respect Francine, who hails from Leeds originally, showed the singer's wife Yvonne (36) and their three children, Jack (11) Marie (9) and Ali (4) when she got involved with Ronan.

Katherine is confident that the couple of 13 years will be able to resolve their differences and work things out for the sake of their family.


"I've no respect for anyone who gets involved with another woman's husband," she told the Herald.

"I'm not saying Ronan was completely innocent in all of this, but women have a responsibility to one another.

"It was more than obvious that he was married. There was no excuse for getting involved with him.

"Hopefully they'll work it out. I think Yvonne's beauty will outshine some little hussy's any day," she added.

Ten years younger than Ronan's statuesque wife, blonde beauty Francine first donned her dancing shoes at the age of just two.

After performing as a backing dancer on Boyzone's UK tour last year, Francine's most recent work was in January this year, when she took part in the Strictly Come Dancing live spin-off show from the BBC series, which travelled across Britain.

She was one of the backing dancers and worked alongside stars such as Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag.

However popular comedienne Katherine is very much on Team Yvonne, commending the beauty for her strength of character throughout the past week.

She went on to reveal how she believes she should make a return to the catwalk.

According to Katherine: "Poor old Ronan, he really made a mess of it. They're just so famous.

"I have to admit I've been enjoying seeing what a fabulous life they have.

"Yvonne is pictured in all these fabulous outfits every day. Maybe she'll go back on the catwalk. I think she should. She looks fantastic."