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Hypnotist in record trance bid via internet

A hypnotist is planning to put a world record number of people in a trance tonight using the internet.

Chris Hughes (pictured) has signed up more than 6,000 people for the stunt being run through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Mr Hughes (34) said: "I've had people register from 85 countries, from Peru to Israel, with Italians, Britons and Americans the most interested.

"Social media is all about bringing people together, so it is a perfect way to help educate the world about hypnosis."

Mr Hughes, from England, has been a hypnotist for five years and is keen to promote its benefits. "Hypnotism is not just about doing silly things ... It's really about accepting ideas for change and dealing with things in your life that you may be having trouble accepting -- like cutting out cream cakes or giving up smoking."

The event coincides with World Hypnotism Day. It will begin at 8.30pm. A computer with an internet connection, speakers or headphones, and a comfy chair are needed to take part.

Anyone interested in taking part should visit bit.ly/socialtran to sign up.