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Hubby Ben prefers me without make-up, says Una

UNA Healy's rugby husband prefers when she ditches the make-up and fake tan.

The glamorous singer is rarely seen in public without being carefully styled – however at home it's a different story.

The Saturdays singer says that she feels sexiest when she is alone with her husband Ben Foden.

"When we have our alone time, wherever that is, I don't wear a lot of make-up or anything.

"He's actually very complimentary when I have no make-up on," said the Tipperary native.

"I think a lot of men are like that: they say they love you when you're just you and you haven't got the fake eye lashes on and the hair extensions in.

"I think he prefers me when I'm a bit more natural," Una said in an interview in this month's Stellar Magazine.

After giving birth to daughter Aoife Belle last March, Una (31) was back to her super-slim figure within months. But she does not have to slave away in the gym to maintain her pristine figure.

"I'm a very active person. I don't go to the gym, to be honest. I don't have the time any more."

Juggling her motherly duties with her busy career is enough of a work out.

"I think when you're a mother and you're on the go all the time and then you're working, doing rehearsals, and dancing, you get all the exercise you need.

"I do eat a lot, but I don't eat a lot of bad food – just as much good food as I can," she said.

The couple had been dating for three years when they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in Tipperary last summer; just four months after Una gave birth.

Una is currently on our screens in E! reality show, Chasing The Saturdays, which charts the band's time in Los Angeles as they attempt to crack America.

The only downside of conquering the US for the striking red-head was being without her new husband Ben (27).

"We'd only got married at the end of the June and then I moved to LA in August so that was really tough.

"I did come home for a few days, and he came out to me for a week in October. I did have my baby and my mum with me in LA for the three months, but I really, really missed Ben."