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Hubbie Brian: 'Amy will survive TV kerfuffle'

AMY Huberman won't waste any time licking her wounds over Animal Kingdom, husband Brian O'Driscoll has said.

The actress wasn't able to accompany the rugby ace to an event in Dublin last night because she's already back working on her show Threesome.

And BOD revealed to the Herald that she is quickly moving on from the NBC debacle.

"One thing I know about Amy is that she's soft on the exterior and hard on the interior," he said.

Amy had all but packed her bags for LA on Tuesday when it was announced that NBC had commissioned a show for which she had acted in the pilot.

O'Driscoll had even gone public with his show joy, saying he was "very proud" of her.

Now the loyal husband says it's a case of 'the show must go on' for the young actress.

Speaking last night at the IRUPA awards dinner at the Burlington, he was philosophical about the setback.

"That's the life of an actress. She's doing a second series of a show that was very successful last year."

He said she was still busy filming Threesome in London this week and took what happened in her petite stride.

After tweeting about her excitement, Amy was contacted by NBC bosses and told that while the pilot was being turned into a full series, she would not be in it. The show was also renamed Animal Practice.

Once she found out, she quickly quelled the congratulations by saying online: "Thanks so much for all the lovely well wishes about the pilot guys. But I was only contracted for the pilot and I won't be doing the series."

She added: "Life of an actress."

Amy finished filming the pilot episode last month. The former Clinic star took up the lead female role on the new sitcom from NBC. The network is behind rating-smashers Friends, 30 Rock and Modern Family. The show also stars Weeds actor Justin Kirk in a grumpy, House-like role as a vet.