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How we nearly missed Niamh

Last night in North Co Dublin, windows opened and people yelled out as others rolled out onto the greens around our neighbourhood in Skerries.

The reason? A sudden blackout, right in the middle of the Eurovision semi-final.

Quelle horreur. It seems I, for one, had underestimated the popularity of this wizened old crossdresser of a TV show.

The local authorities should thank their lucky stars the TVs popped back into life just minutes before Niamh's triumphant final note.

It seems they might tax us to the hilt and take away our bonuses and add hours to our working day, but when we're holding our breath for some small victory to brighten up our lives, you better get the engineers out quick.

Well done, Niamh. Well done ESB. But it was a close call. We almost had the gayest riot in history.