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How we ended up styling Ray... but he wouldn't go for it

WE headed into Today FM on Tuesday on a mission -- to give Ray D'Arcy a makeover. He was so reluctant about doing it. He said himself that he hates change.

He's just one of those blokes who's not interested in clothes. He has his wife and children and he's not necessarily interested in making an aesthetic impression. And that's fine, I wouldn't criticise him for it.

Like any other straight bloke, he doesn't understand or care about what we do. But when we talked about the philosophy of the work, he got it. Mairead and Jenny are big fans of our show and they thought it would be a fun thing to do.

We were going for an urban dandy look for him, to modernise his image so we put him in this really smart suit and a tie. We added a hat and a pair of glasses which may have been a bit much but I thought the suit looked beautiful.

He said afterwards that he wouldn't wear it himself but I guess you can't please everyone.