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How my new comedy show saved me - PJ

COMEDIAN PJ Gallagher has revealed his new TV show saved him from depression.

The funnyman first smashed onto Irish screens with the inimitable characters like Dirty Auld One and Jake Stevens in Naked Camera.

But he admitted that negative reviews of Stevens' trip to the States set him back.

And then earlier this year he underwent a serious operation which left him immobile.

"At the start of this year, I wasn't able to walk for four moths, I had an operation that went badly for me," PJ said.

"I couldn't walk, I couldn't do any gigs. I had to cancel a tour, I had to cancel my wedding, it was a very bad start to the year.

"But then this show came about and I gave it 100pc. It saved me from being very, very depressed and having a very bad year."

The comedian's doctors have pencilled in more surgeries for the New Year which may put a halt to any further plans for gigs.

The new six-part series Meet Your Neighbours is set in a Dublin housing estate and PJ plays the majority of characters.

The show features The Dub - a gobby GAA fan, Mr and Mrs Roger Balfe, a snobby couple obsessed with plastic surgery, and Seamus And Mary, a mixed race husband and wife who have a problem with foreigners.

"When the Jake reviews came out, they did bother me because I knew it could have been better," he said. "This time I couldn't have done any better, I put my all into it, so I'll be happy no matter how it does."

Meet Your Neighbours airs on Thursday, November 24 on RTE 1 at 10.15pm