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How Kenny helped Jenny laugh all the way to labour ward

Ray D'Arcy has credited Pat Kenny with bringing on the birth of his first child.

The top Today FM DJ has revealed that his partner Jenny went into labour with eldest daughter Kate after laughing hard at Pat being attacked on the Late Late Show.

In 2006, Paul Stokes famously marched on the stage of the iconic show and labelled Kenny an "insufferable a**ehole" for "censoring" the programme by not airing his inventions.

D'Arcy explained the impact of the memorable television moment on his good-humoured wife in the latest issue of Hot Press magazine.

"She started laughing and that brought on the labour," he revealed.

The broadcaster went on to explain how Today FM's new Shave or Dye campaign -- where presenters are shaving or dying their hair to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society -- is close to his heart.

"When I was about 11, my grandmother died at the age of 54," he said.

"She was five and a half stone and it was lung cancer ... I think everyone in Ireland unfortunately has been touched by cancer in a real way," he said.

Shave or Dye is just one of kind-hearted deeds masterminded by D'Arcy in recent months.

In January, he offered to help cash-strapped home owners the opportunity to do a house swap on his radio programme.

The idea came about after Ray found himself inundated with calls, texts and emails offering advice to one frazzled listener who emailed to say she could not sell her Dublin apartment due to its enormous drop in value.

The woman bought an apartment with a friend at the height of the boom times, while her husband also bought a city centre apartment with a friend several years ago -- both of which were now in negative equity.

As a result of the show, the couple are contemplating swapping both apartments for one house, in a bid to offer a more comfortable solution for them and their young family.

Ray admits the touching letters and emails he receives about people's problems on the show each day can be heart-breaking.

"I feel very privileged in that I'm in a good job and well paid.

"I want to do everything I can to help those not so fortunate," he added.