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How Jenny beat her fear of flying for new No Frontiers TV role

It's not something you put on your CV when applying to present a TV travel show, but No Frontiers's new recruit has admitted it to the Herald.

Former Channel 4 beauty, Jenny Buckley has revealed that she had to overcome a fear of flying before taking up a role alongside Kathryn Thomas on the RTE travel programme.

The starlet used to be petrified of getting into a plane, but after a dose of hypnotism she is now jet-setting around the globe.

After conquering her debilitating fear, the chatty blonde explained how she spent time travelling to destinations such as Sardinia in Italy and La Rochelle in France.

As the new co-host of No Frontiers, she is working with Kathryn Thomas but in another bizarre admission, Buckley has told the Herald that the pair never met until after the series was filmed.

"I actually never saw Kathryn while I was filming because she was off filming her own segments," she explained.

"Obviously the nature of No Frontiers is that you're on location filming.

"I've met Kathryn out and about since and she is just one of the nicest girls I have ever come across.

She added: "I really admire Kathryn and I think she's a fantastic presenter.


"For me doing something like No Frontiers is just the dream job because you get to combine presenting with travelling, two of my greatest loves. I feel very lucky to have been given that little opportunity to work on the show this season."

The blonde beauty, who once dated Colin Farrell, has also signed up with celebrity agent Noel Kelly, who represents some of Ireland's biggest TV stars.

She will take part in a charity trek to Uganda later this year alongside Olympic boxer Kenny Egan, with all funds raised going towards the A-Z children's charity.