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How Charlotte left actor Douglas 'fuming'

CHARLOTTE Church has revealed how she upset Hollywood star Michael Douglas by embarking on a boozy session with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The singer said Douglas was "fuming" after the pair started drinking at a celebrity golf tournament.

She told Graham Norton: "We were singing and having a great time and Michael was really p***** off because he took his golf really seriously and the American team lost.

"He was fuming and went to bed early and he wasn't having any of it."

The singer, who was one of the guests on last night's Graham Norton Show, told the chatshow host about meeting Britney Spears during a trip to Los Angeles when she was 15.

She said: "I was at a party and Britney was there.

"Her PA came up to me and said, 'Britney is a massive fan and would really like to meet you,' and I was, 'okay, not a problem'.

"I went over and Britney just kind of turned and said, 'hi' then turned away and carried on.

"The woman ushered me away and said, 'That was so amazing for Britney, she just loved you."'

The Welsh star, who recently spoke at the Leveson Inquiry into the UK media about press coverage of her career, said there was "not a cat in hell's chance" she would let her two children go on stage as youngsters.