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How baking helped author Marian rise above depression

BEST-SELLING novelist Marian Keyes has resumed writing novels following a tough battle against depression.

Avid fans worldwide who bought millions of her highly entertaining novels will be delighted she is finally well enough to begin working on a new story.

The Irish author's recovery process is thanks to a budding interest in home baking, it can be revealed.

Baking cakes helped her on her journey back to mental health and to resume her love of writing.

Now Marian (48) is completing a cookery book of baking recipes entitled Saved By Cake. And she is back writing creative fiction.

Her husband Tony Baines said her new novel was coming along "pretty well".

He told the Herald: "She doesn't have any stress of a deadline from her publisher. The novel is coming along pretty well and she's enjoying it. It will probably be finished and published some time next year."

The renowned novelist declared last year that she had been struck by a depression so bad that she felt she was "living in hell".

But husband Tony, speaking at the couple's home in Dun Laoghaire this week, said: "She's out of crisis. And she's doing some writing."

The international best-selling author slowly began to recover from depression as she took a growing interest in baking in the couple's kitchen.

Said Tony: "I don't have a very sweet tooth. If I did, I'd be the size of a small country by now. She's bakes absolutely wonderful cakes. She's a genius."

Marian's Saved By Cake bakery book, to be published early next year, is intended to help people who know hardly anything about baking as well as more experienced bakers.

The Irish royalties from the book will be donated to charity.